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In this free class you will learn...

-What non-diet meal planning is and ISN'T

-All about frequent myths around non-diet meal planning

-My favorite meal planning tips and tricks to make meals fun again

-Bonus: Access to my Beginner's Guide to Food Freedom


Meal planning can be challenging, especially if you're trying to remove yourself from dieting or restriction.

Diet culture makes us think that meals have to be boring, monotonous, always from scratch and healthy. I'm here to debunk this and give you reasonable tools that provide some flexible structure to take the mental load of planning meals each week off your plate.


Hi, I'm Allison! A non-diet dietitian helping you find peace with food and your body - without the diet. I can't wait for you to learn my method to meal planning with ease and without restriction or rules. You can learn more about my other offerings on my services page!

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