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Filling Snacks On The Go

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

I don't know where the summer went, but school is starting back up in a few weeks and vacations are wrapping up. Even though I'm not going back to school this fall (for the first time ever in my life!!), I feel like summers can be chaotic and without a real routine, where as in the fall and winter months it is easier to keep a better schedule.

With schedule comes business and being on the go frequently. As a registered dietitian, I ALWAYS keep snacks on hand whenever I leave the house for a long period of time. You never know when you might need a snack to curb the hanger! However, I know it can be tricky to know what snacks to pack that will keep you full for more than a few minutes and that don't take forever to prepare. If this sounds like you, keep on reading for five of my favorite on the go snacks!

  1. Lara Bars - while they are pricier than your generic granola bar, these bars are made with dates and nuts, meaning they have a good amount of fiber for one bar. I always keep one in my purse or backpack when I am out because they are so convenient (my favorite is peanut butter chocolate chip). If the thought of dates scares you away, you can't even taste them!

2. trail mix - I've super into making my own trail mix lately. I use walnuts or pecans and mix them with chocolate chips, and usually leave it at that. Sometimes I do add some dried fruit as well. The nuts add some healthy fats and fiber, while the chocolate chips are just plain yummy and give you a little carb boost. You could add pretzels, crackers, or other items you enjoy too!

3. fruit and yogurt - this one requires you to have a method of keeping items cold, but is another great option filled with protein, some fiber, and carbs. If packing individual servings of yogurt sounds like a pain, buying the individual cups can save you a lot of time and energy (but might cost a little more in the long run). You can add the fruit to your yogurt or eat it separately. Bananas are easily transportable and don't require any preparation ahead of time (just make sure not to squish it!). I also like adding chia seeds to my yogurt for a little extra fiber.

4. veggies and cheese - I am a big fan of string cheese! It is a staple to my on the go snacks, and even lasts quite a while without having a cooling method too. While some veggies require more prep than others, carrying some grape tomatoes around with you is simple and they won't go bad if they aren't refrigerated. The cheese keeps you full with fats, and the veggies will give you some fiber and carbs. If you can keep items cold, adding some hummus or dip can make eating veggies more fun!

5. peanut butter with literally anything - peanut butter is so versatile! It adds a good amount of protein and fats, and can be paired with so many fruits and vegetables. If you need a larger snack, a PB and J (or even honey, a family favorite!) sandwich is great and doesn't need to go into the fridge.

Thinking of snacks and meals during busy times can be overwhelming, but I hope these ideas sparked some interest and keep you from getting hangry before your next meal. As always, these snacks are easily customizable and you can tailor them to your preferences and abilities. Comment below which one you will try first!

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